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About the One World Nation Android App
One World Nation (OWN) is a gaming Cryptoverse set up on a planet called Crypton. It is a world where your favourite crypto tokens come to life. The performance of the Cryptonites are based on the price action of the underlying crypto in the real world. Play and earn stablecoin rewards through games like Crypto Fantasy, Prediction, Slot Machine and more.
What One World Nation Android App Users Say About Us
I am winning! This app lets you OWN free money by renting an NFT and using it in game. There is also free raffle to win exciting prizes!!
If you want to learn about crypto through playing games while also making money, this is the best platform. Make sure to also join the community on Discord.
Great project for the beginners who are quite new to Crypto and NFT field. Also a perfect platform to use your knowledge in Crypto to make some earnings.
Join a Community full of lovely folks who help each other to play more & earn more!

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