Burning the midnight oil to onboard a billion users into Crypto via Gamification of the Crypto ecosystem

Dinesh Goel One World Nation
Dinesh Goel
Co-founder | Product & Finance
Kunal Jadhav One World Nation
Kunal Jadhav
Co-founder | Blockchain Tech
Mayank Shekhar One World Nation
Mayank Shekhar
Co-founder | Engineering
Vaibhav Bhalekar One World Nation
Vaibhav Bhalekar
Art & Design
Anubhav Agrawal One World Nation
Anubhav Agrawal
Product & Growth
Lovish Wadhera One World Nation
Lovish Wadhera
Frontend Tech
Crislin Rozario One World Nation
Crislin Rozario
Elson Joy One World Nation
Elson Joy
Community Manager
Jobin Abraham One World Nation
Jobin Abraham
Frontend Tech


True digital ownership of all in game assets. Sell the assets on and off the platform, community led decentralised treasury and governance.

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OUR Advisors

Showing the light to help us achieve our mission

Sandeep Nailwal One World Nation
Sandeep Nailwal
Co-Founder, Polygon Technology
Kevin Kurian One World Nation
Kevin K. Kurian
Founder, Kane & Rao Group


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